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Where Ancient Wisdom
Meets Cutting-Edge Innovation

REKOOP is a city-based wellness haven in Singapore, pioneering a revolutionary concept, fusing cutting-edge technology with the wisdom of ancient remedies for optimal longevity. Through the best science-backed techniques, products, and services we provide our community with the tools and programming to be the best they can be. REKOOP is a safe space where individuals can break through barriers and strive toward their full potential. 

Regain Self    |    Reclaim Energy    |    Restore Balance

Science-backed Tech + Ancient Practices

Catalysts of growth, champions of transformation, and the nurturers of total health.

Discover a new standard of wellness where your comfort and well-being take center stage. 

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World-class wellness technology designed for optimal wellbeing.

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Ancient practices based on centuries of proven techniques for longevity. 

REKOOP uses world-class cutting-edge technology and combines the wisdom of ancient practices so that each client can tap into the power of being their optimal self.

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Reimagine Wellness

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Discover a haven in the centre of the city 

Visit us

Level 4, 18 Robinson Road

Singapore 048547

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 11am - 9pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: Closed

Call us

+65 6022 1841

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