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Wellness Technology

At REKOOP, we are rewriting the script of wellness, offering you an unparalleled journey toward optimal health and vitality.

Our innovative approach fuses the wisdom of ancient remedies with cutting-edge technology, creating a sanctuary that's truly one-of-a-kind. At REKOOP we offer world-class wellness technologies for a range of proven health benefits.

Cryo Ice Therapy

Unleash the power of cold to reduce inflammation and soothe muscle soreness. Our Cryotherapy treatments are designed to promote rapid muscle recovery, helping you bounce back stronger and faster.

Reduce pain and inflammation

Support muscle recovery

Enhance performance

Increased metabolism

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Infrared & Red Light Sauna

Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of our Infrared Sauna. Detoxify your body, melt away stress, and bask in relaxation. Feel the warm glow that comes from deep within, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated

Promote detoxification

Relaxation and stress relief

Improve sleep-quality

Enhanced immune function

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Oxygen Hydroxy Therapy

Step into our Oxygen Chamber, where the magic of pressurized oxygen accelerates your body's natural healing processes. Experience the reversal of aging, amplified immune function, and a rejuvenated sense of vitality.

Improved cognitive function

Anti-ageing effects

Support recovery

Reduce inflammation

Ice Bath & Breath Therapy

Dive into the invigorating world of ice baths and breath work. Boost your circulation, enhance your immune function, and clear your mind. Feel the rush of vitality that comes with each exhilarating breath

Reduced muscle soreness

Enhanced muscle repair

Improved circulation

Reduced inflammation

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Embrace the art of healing through Lymphatic Drainage. Activate your body's natural detoxification processes, bidding adieu to fluid retention and welcoming a lighter, revitalised you.

Reduced fluid retention

Improved Immune function and detoxification

Reduces inflammation

Improve blood circulation and skin health

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Additional Tech

NuCalm Neuro Soundhealing

Journey through sound to a tranquil state of mind, where stress dissolves and serenity takes its place, powered by groundbreaking neuroscience

Healy Frequency Therapy

Harness the quantum realm to realign your body’s frequencies, boosting cellular vitality and ushering in a new era of well-being.

Red Light Localised Therapy

Illuminate your skin with the healing power of red light, boosting collagen, enhancing mood, and reviving your skin’s natural glow

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Reimagine Wellness

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